About MC Sport+

MC Sport+ is a small and agile business with strong knowledge and proven track record in Software Development and Sports Psychology.

A unique mix of competences from Computer Science and Behavioural Science is used to deliver mobile applications, services and solutions to improve performance in work and sport settings.

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Why Choose Us


Competence, Innovation, Professionalism

At the foundation of our ways of working there is profound theoretical knowledge, solid practical skills, timely delivery and relentless work ethic.
If your business is in need of a reliable partner MC Sport+ is the right choice for you.

Our work

Mobile Application Development
We create, deliver, publish and maintain both cross-platform and native applications for Android and iOS. Development is carried out in Dart, Kotlin, Java, Swift, Php, Javascript, C and C++ languages with tools such as Android Studio, Xcode, VS Code, Git and Fastlane.

Computer and Behavioural Science
Our unique mix of competences is the basis of solutions blending computer science and human behavior with business logic and user experience. Such a multidisciplinary approach allow us to match users' need and create deliverables helping our customers to distinguish over competitors.

Coaching and Consulting
Latest technology is researched and used with the goal to increase cognitive and emotional ergonomy in work and sport settings. Tailored solutions are available to athletes, coaches and tech industry workers willing to improve performance in measurable way.

Example projects

GridAPP MySorgenia Presenze FBA App24

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